The Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups allows up to 9 people from your firm or organization to attend ANY classroom seminar we teach for one low price. Even sold out seminars! And for a limited time, you can purchase the pass for just $4999! This limited-time offer expires soon, so sign up TODAY!

After purchasing the Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups, you will be able to designate up to 9 individuals (who are employed by your firm or organization) as "passholders." Passholders can attend any classroom seminar we teach -- as many times as they'd like -- including any/all of the following seminars:

  • General/Civil Mediation (20-Hour) Seminar ($849 Value)
  • Divorce and Family Mediation (40-Hour) Seminar ($1399 Value)
  • Building a Profitable Mediation Practice ($349 Value)
  • 2020 Advanced Mediation Seminar ($599 Value)
  • Domestic Violence in Mediation Seminar ($699 Value)
  • Advanced Divorce and Family Mediation Seminar ($599 Value)
  • Teaching Mediation: Train-the-Mediation Trainer Seminar ($1099 Value)


The cost to attend each of these seminars at the regular price would be $5593 per person. With the Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups, you can save thousands of dollars on registration fees for EACH passholder in your organization.


After your purchase is complete, you will receive instructions by email for designating passholders within your group. Up to 9 passholders can be added ANYTIME during the length of your pass. Once a passholder is designated by the purchaser, the passholder will be able to register online for the seminars of their choice at no additional cost. If you do not receive these instructions within 1 business day, please call 800-237-3476.

With the Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups, passholders can register for any seminar, at any time. If a passholder's schedule changes and she or he can no longer attend, the passholder can re-schedule to another session without penalty. Pre-registration for each seminar is required at least one day in advance for planning purposes. If a seminar is already listed as "sold out" online, passholders can still register -- and are guaranteed a seat -- if the passholder registers at least 30 days in advance. Guaranteed seats in sold out seminars are a great benefit of being a passholder!


Want to get an even better value? Not sure your designated passholders will be able to attend all the seminars they would like to within a 12-month period? Or, do you want to spread attendance out over a longer period for CLE credit or other reasons? You can extend your pass at the time of purchase to 24 months for an additional $1500. The 24-Month Upgrade option is only available at the time of purchase. With the 24-Month Pass Upgrade, in addition to registering for the courses currently scheduled, passholders will also be able to register for any additional classroom courses we schedule before your group pass expires. (We add at least one new course every calendar year!)

Want to send more than 9 people to the seminars? Just purchase another Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups, and you can designate up to 9 more passholders within your organization -- each Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups that you purchase allows up to 9 passholders.

Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups

$5,999.00 Regular Price
$4,999.00Sale Price
Would you like to extend your pass to 24 months?
  • When Does it Start? When Does it End?

    Your 12-month pass begins on the first day that ANY of your passholders attends a seminar. It will expire at the end of the same month, one year later. (If you purchase the 24-Month Upgrade, it will end on the last day of the same month, two years later.)  For instance, if you purchase the Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups on July 1, 2020 and one of your designated passholders attends a seminar on October 1, 2020, your Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups would expire on October 31, 2021 for everyone in your group. If you purchase the Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups with the 24-Month Upgrade, your pass would expire on October 31, 2022. 

    If left entirely unused for 12 months after purchase, the pass will expire 12 months from the purchase date. 

  • Refund Policy

    You may cancel your Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups for a full refund (less a $150 administrative fee) 21 days prior to the first seminar that any of your passholders registers to attend. After this period, your pass is non-refundable. 

  • The Pass is Non-Transferable

    You may designate up to 9 "passholders" anytime while your Unlimited Seminar Pass for Groups is active. You may make adjustments at any time. However, once an individual attends any seminar, the pass for that passholder becomes non-transferrable and may only be used by the person designated. Passholders may attend any of our classroom seminars. (It does not apply to online courses).