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Mediation CLE, Inc.
Celebrating 30 Years in Mediation

Mediation CLE, Inc. educates and motivates new and experienced mediators through the design and delivery of high-quality, engaging and affordable introductory and advanced mediation training seminars, online content and resources. As the ONLY training organization providing mediation training in Alabama with courses approved by the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution to qualify as a Registered Mediator in General/Civil Mediation, Domestic Relations Mediation and Domestic Violence Mediation,  we're uniquely qualified to provide the training you'll need throughout your mediation career. We also offer CLE and CME-approved training in Mississippi and other states.

For 30 years, Mediation CLE, Inc. founder and president, Troy Smith, has worked as a mediator and trainer. He has trained the vast majority of Alabama's most successful and profitable mediators. In fact, over 82% of the Alabama mediators registered with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution (as of January 2020)  have completed training with Troy! With over 3000 course graduates in Alabama alone -- and over 5000 course attendees nationwide -- Troy has set the standard for mediation training in Alabama and nationally since 1995. Learn more about Troy and what participants have said about his training programs here.

Our mediation training programs are interactive, skills-based courses that focus on teaching the essential principles of mediation, with an emphasis on the practical skills used by mediators to resolve conflicts. This hands-on approach enables participants to learn – and practice – the skills that will enable them to become successful mediators and attorney-advocates in mediation.

As a pre-approved CLE provider with the Alabama State Bar, every course we teach is approved for CLE credit in Alabama. Our programs also meet CLE and CME requirements in Mississippi and other states. In fact, our programs are approved for continuing legal education credit [CLE] in every state where application has been made and meets the training requirements of many local, state and federal mediator panels. Courses are presented in a flexible format and are adapted to meet the requirements of the state in which the course is offered. In addition to open-enrollment seminars, our programs are available on-site and have been presented as in-house seminars for law firms, bar associations, government agencies, hospitals, law schools and universities.

With over 5000 course graduates nationwide, we invite you to find out why Troy Smith and Mediation CLE, Inc. has been a leader in mediation training for 30 years!


Troy Smith

Founder and Primary Trainer

Meet Troy Smith:

  • 30 Years Experience as a Mediator and Award-Winning Mediation Trainer

  • Over 10,000 Hours Teaching Mediation to Over 5000 Course Participants Nationwide, Including Over 3000 in Alabama

  • Trained Over 82% of the Mediators Registered with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution (as of January 2020)

  • He Loves, Loves, Loves Teaching Mediation

  • He Also Loves: His Wife of 30+ Years, 4 Daughters, 2 Guinea Pigs, Long Walks in the Woods and Binge Watching The Office, The Bob Newhart Show and Ted Lasso (not necessarily in that order)

Troy is a Primary Trainer in the following courses:

  • General/Civil Mediation (20-Hour)

  • Divorce & Family Mediation (40-Hour)

  • Advanced Mediation Training

  • Advanced Divorce & Family Mediation

  • Domestic Violence in Mediation

  • Mediation Advocacy

  • Psychology of Settlement

  • Reaching Resolution in Mediation

  • Master Mediator's Forum

  • Building a Profitable Mediation Practice

  • Train-the-Mediation Trainer


With 30 years experience as a mediator and trainer, Mediation CLE, Inc. founder and president, Troy Smith, is uniquely qualified to assist you in meeting your mediation goals.


Sarah Clark Bowers

Primary Trainer


Meet Sally Bowers:

  • Over 30 Years Experience as a Family Law Attorney, Mediator and Social Worker

  • Adjunct Professor, University of Alabama

  • Recipient of the Alabama State Bar Pro Bono Mediator Award

  • Bar Commissioner for the 29th Judicial Circuit

  • Passionate about Mediation, Child Advocacy, Domestic Violence Education, and Her Family - Including Millie, her White English Labrador Retriever

Sally is a Primary Trainer in the following courses:

  • Divorce & Family Mediation (40-Hour)

  • Advanced Divorce & Family Mediation

  • Domestic Violence in Mediation

Sarah Clark Bowers, known as “Sally,” is an award-winning mediator, lawyer and social worker. Her combined JD and MSW degrees led her to a rewarding career spanning over 30 years as a family law attorney focusing on child advocacy. When family mediation came to Alabama in the early 1990's, Sally was one of the first to receive training. She began establishing a mediation practice that today includes family mediation from pre-suit to the appellate level. She is of counsel at Proctor & Vaughn in Talladega County and travels thought-out Alabama as a mediator. 


The Mediation CLE, Inc. corporate offices (and recording studio for online courses) are nestled among the trees just north of Dallas, Texas, but live, in-person seminars have been presented throughout Alabama, Mississippi and in over 20 locations across the United States for 30 years.

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Attorney and Mediator

Lewis & Feldman, LLC, Birmingham, Alabama

As a practicing attorney for over 27 years, I have attended numerous CLE programs and participated in countless mediations. Recently, I decided to become a Registered Mediator in Alabama. In order to do so, I took Troy's 20 hour course, and I was dreading sitting for 20 hours. Troy is engaging and entertaining, and he imparts great knowledge and actual situations which made the 20 hours fly by. As a result, I have taken 3 additional courses from Troy, and I am scheduled for more. I highly recommend Troy if you are interested in learning more about mediation or if you need a speaker for a legal conference.

Professional Mediator and Trainer

The Mediation Center of Central Florida, 
Orlando, FL

Troy Smith and Mediation CLE's advanced and dynamic Train the Trainer seminar absolutely provided me with outstanding, versatile and informative training. But more importantly, Troy has made a huge impact in my professional life with his unique training, while also helping me to recognize and unlock my potential to expand my professional goals and become a mediation trainer. Troy's knowledge base, teaching style, professionalism, passion and good-hearted nature made training with him one of the most pleasant educational experiences of my professional career. Mediation CLE will exceed all of your expectations and help you become a better lawyer, mediator and trainer. I truly cannot thank Troy Smith enough for the meaningful impact that Mediation CLE's training has brought to my professional career!

To read more comments from past participants, click here

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