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  • Who can attend these mediation training seminars?
    Anyone. Our seminars are open to anyone interested in mediation, negotiation or conflict resolution. There is no pre-requisite to attend any seminar and everyone is welcome, regardless of your professional background. If you are interested in becoming a mediator, you should consider our 20-hour General/Civil Mediation course or the 40-Hour Divorce and Family Mediation course as these are considered "introductory courses" and meet the training requirements to become a Registered Mediator in Alabama with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution, which is the state office of dispute resolution operating under the direction of the Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution.
  • Are there any prerequisites to attend?
    No. Anyone is welcome to attend any seminar, regardless of prior training or professional background.
  • Are any discounts available?
    The Unlimited Seminar Pass allows you to attend every seminar we teach for one low price. If you plan to attend more than one seminar, this is probably your best option to save money on your registration fees. You can save thousands of dollars in training fees with the Unlimited Seminar Pass! Also, for a LIMITED TIME we are offering a 50% discount for the 20-hour General/Civil Mediation Seminar and the 40-hour Divorce and Family Mediation Seminar for alumni who need a refresher course. A LIMITED NUMBER of discounts seats are available in each session so regsiter early to take advantage of this discount.
  • Can non-attorneys become Registered Mediators in Alabama?
    Absolutely. The Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution allows both attorneys and non-attorneys on their roster of mediators.
  • Is training required to mediate court-ordered cases in Alabama?
    According to the Alabama Civil Court Mediation Rules, "“If a court designates or appoints a mediator, the mediator must be registered with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution, unless the court for good cause finds otherwise. . . ." To become registered as a mediator in Alabama, a mediator must have 20-hours of training for general/civil (i.e., non-domestic relations) cases or 40-hours of training for divorce and family mediation (i.e., domestic relations) cases.
  • Why should I complete my training with Mediation CLE, Inc.?
    Over 82% of the Registered Mediators in Alabama have completed training with Troy Smith and Mediation CLE, Inc. For nearly 30 years, we have been the leading mediation training provider in Alabama. Mediation CLE, Inc. is the ONLY training provider in Alabama that has courses approved by the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution in the areas of General/Civil Mediation, Divorce and Family Mediation, and Domestic Violence in Mediation. We are also accredited by the Alabama State Bar as a pre-approved provider of CLE programs, which means that attorneys will receive CLE credit for any seminar they attend with us. To find out what past attendees -- and experienced mediators -- say about our programs, click here. Our programs also meet CLE and CME approval requirements in Mississippi and other states.
  • Do Mediation CLE seminars cover facilitative or evaluation mediation?
    Both. Or neither. Or all of the above. Mediation is an evolving process and the successful practice of mediation in today's marketplace requires mediators to take a flexible approach to their mediation work. For decades we have taught this "flexible" approach to mediation which introduces seminar attendees to the techniques of successful mediation incorporating both facilitative and evaluative principles while always following the local mediation rules and the mediator ethics requirements of the jurisdiction.
  • What support do you provide after the seminar?
    Our mission is not only to train mediators, but to help mediators become as successful as possible. After attending one of our seminars, if you have any questions or need assistance, seminar instructor Troy Smith will be available to answer questions, provide guidance and be a resource to you whenever needed. These optional consultations by email or phone are provided at NO additional cost to all seminar graduates.
  • How often are Mediation CLE seminars updated?
    Continuously. We have been teaching mediation seminars for nearly 30 years and the practice of mediation has definitely changed over time. Our seminars are continuously updated to reflect current best practices based on experience, new rules and ethical guidelines, case law and research in the dispute resolution field.
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