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In Texas, Alabama and Beyond

Mediator Smith Photo

Troy Smith began mediating

and arbitrating 30 years ago.

Since mediating his first case in 1992, Troy Smith has helped individuals, businesses, families, government entities and organizations resolve conflict and settle cases. And through his mediation training courses, he has taught attorneys and mediators to do the same for countless others.

Troy is available to mediate in Texas, Alabama and throughout the United States. Due to his mediation training schedule, his availability is extremely limited. Before having Troy named as a mediator in a court-ordered mediation, please check availability.

Mediation Fees: $4500/day

Two-day minimum required for mediations outside the DFW Metroplex.

Mediation Engagement Letter (PDF) - Coming Soon
Mediation Services Contract (PDF) - Coming Soon

Troy requires that parties have legal representation throughout the mediation engagement. Mediation fees are payable in full at booking and include: Pre-session intake, document review, and session preparation; in-person mediation sessions; and post-session follow-up. To inquire about availability for mediation services, contact Troy by email here.



NOTE FROM TROY (February 2022):
Thank you for your interest in allowing me the privilege of serving as your mediator. In addition to my current training schedule, I'm working on new training curriculum and developing online courses throughout the next several months. Consequently, I am not taking new mediation cases at this time.

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