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About Troy Smith and Mediation CLE, Inc.

Mediator and Arbitrator
Schreiber Law Firm

Birmingham, AL

Troy’s classes ALWAYS deliver! All of us have attended meaningless CLE and professional training classes that we wish we hadn’t paid for or wasted time attending. Not true with Troy. Not only engaging and informative, Troy’s classes have consistently allowed me to become better at conflict resolution!

Attorney and Mediator
Medina Law Firm, LLC

Miami, FL

I have been to numerous mediation seminars since I became a mediator in 2001. I can say that, without a doubt, Troy's seminars top the list. Troy's teaching style, course materials, and presentation are excellent. I always feel engaged and motivated. I never feel like I'm being lectured to -- instead, I am part of the process. Having been to at least six of his seminars, I can attest that he is a gifted trainer. The time spent will go quickly and enjoyably.

Attorney and Mediator
Nika Gholston Law, L.L.C.

Montgomery, AL

Troy is an excellent mediation coach and consultant; his courses and materials are the best I have seen nationally! Troy's presentations are well-organized with clear instruction and cover a wide variety of topics and practical exercises. Troy has been an invaluable resource to my practice for many years. I highly recommend Troy, and Mediation CLE, with no hesitation.

Attorney and Mediator
Birmingham, Alabama

Troy is a rare mix of subject matter expert and entertainer. He is the go-to mediation guru who can help you work through any mediation issue you may face. Yet his training is also fun and engaging. I have taken three of Troy's mediation training classes, and I have learned something new and helpful in each session -- and I enjoyed every minute of them.

Retired Circuit Judge and Divorce Mediator
Judge Chambers Divorce Mediation
Mobile, Alabama

Troy is an extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining teacher. He creates a learning environment that allows one to not only learn valuable mediation tools but also make a whole bunch of friends and future contacts. Highest recommendation!

Attorney and Mediator

Lewis & Feldman, LLC, 
Birmingham, Alabama

As a practicing attorney for over 27 years, I have attended numerous CLE programs and participated in countless mediations. Recently, I decided to become a Registered Mediator in Alabama. In order to do so, I took Troy's 20 hour course, and I was dreading sitting for 20 hours. Troy is engaging and entertaining, and he imparts great knowledge and actual situations which made the 20 hours fly by. As a result, I have taken 3 additional courses from Troy, and I am scheduled for more. I highly recommend Troy if you are interested in learning more about mediation or if you need a speaker for a legal conference.

Professional Mediator and Trainer

The Mediation Center of Central Florida, 
Orlando, FL

Troy Smith and Mediation CLE's advanced and dynamic Train the Trainer seminar absolutely provided me with outstanding, versatile and informative training. But more importantly, Troy has made a huge impact in my professional life with his unique training, while also helping me to recognize and unlock my potential to expand my professional goals and become a mediation trainer. Troy's knowledge base, teaching style, professionalism, passion and good-hearted nature made training with him one of the most pleasant educational experiences of my professional career. Mediation CLE will exceed all of your expectations and help you become a better lawyer, mediator and trainer. I truly cannot thank Troy Smith enough for the meaningful impact that Mediation CLE's training has brought to my professional career!

Neutral (Mediator and Arbitrator)
Huntsville, Alabama

Troy Smith is one of the most gifted trainers/teachers I've had the privilege of learning from. His classes are guaranteed sources of useful and meaningful information from both Troy and the other students. I always learn something new and look forward to his classes. A MediationCLE class is lot like potato chips, you won't want just one!

CPA and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
New Life Divorce Solutions

Huntsville, AL

I really enjoy the casual interactive environment. The way he communicates creates a very relaxed atmosphere. Because he doesn't lecture, there is always discussion and when questions get asked, he asks if others have an answer creating further discussion. However, he knows the regulations and the rules and code of ethics and shows you where to find answers. It is fun and I have built relationships with people I have met in seminars that have benefited me personally and professionally.

Retired Alabama Department of Education Assistant State Superintendent
Montgomery, AL

I have participated in several seminars provided by Troy Smith and each course has been very engaging and informative. Troy facilitates each session in a very positive, professional, and organized manner. The knowledge I have obtained as a result of attending the training has given me a great deal of confidence and understanding of the presented material. The written materials provided to participants serve as a superior comprehensive resource well after the training is over.

Coordinator, Volunteer Mediation Program
Madison County Courthouse
Huntsville, AL

Mediation is a field that has adapted itself to many changes. Troy Smith's top priority as a trainer has been to understand and present these changes almost as soon as they happen. His classes are informative and fun, and they continue to teach and please students year after year. He is an excellent teacher.

Minister, Chaplain and Mediator

Chaplains4Change Reconciliation Wellness Center

Montgomery, Alabama

Troy Smith is an excellent and caring professional, person and teacher. His seminars are relevant and the information learned can be used immediately. As a Chaplain, knowing how to assist families with conflict resolution is paramount. Troy's training has allowed me the opportunity to not only sharpen my mediation skills, but also allowed me to be able to offer workshops in domestic violence to the community, as well. He is continuously planning on ways to enhance his seminars and resources are always current and useful. His seminars have not only improved my mediation skills; but has improved how I am able to minister to a secular community, while showing the presence of Him. I would, and have, recommended others to him seminars...worldwide!

Retired Attorney

Montgomery, Alabama

I have attended three of Troy's seminars in the last year and can't wait for the next one. At first, I was very hesitant about sitting through several days of intense training but all my apprehensions dissipated quickly with Troy's easy-going style and commitment to an interactive, thought-provoking study of the process and practice of mediation, complete with excellent written material and resources to use for continued study. His skills and knowledge are unmatched and he is brilliant at keeping the class engaged and energized. Additionally, his [seminars]  provide an excellent opportunity for students to get to know and build professional and personal relationships with other participants in each class. Best of all, once you attend one of Troy's classes, you become part of his "family" and he will always be available to help or encourage you outside of the classroom.

Litigation Insurance Adjuster

Birmingham, AL

Troy's teaching style and knowledge is exceptional. I love the way he provides life scenarios to help attendees understand the content. The classroom environment is also friendly and inviting. I would highly recommend attending Troy Smith's class or any courses he offers.

Mediator/Business Owner
Birmingham, AL

Troy's classes are absolutely the best. His teaching style is informative, yet entertaining and totally prepares you for "real world" situations. I have attended all his seminars and will continue to do so to improve my skills and knowledge of mediation. 

Dallas, Texas 

My Dad has taught me and my sisters mediation and negotiation principles our whole lives. In fact, we've used the negotiation strategies he has taught us against him for years -- routinely negotiating later bed times, higher allowances and not one, but several pets! His stuff really works!

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