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Online, On-Demand Courses
Our online course library will grow to 100 hours of mediation training (by 2023) beginning with the following courses:

Train-the-Mediation-Trainer Seminar

Teaching Mediation:

This course will be offered online beginning July 8, 2024.

TEACHING MEDIATION: The Train-the-Mediation-Trainer is a comprehensive, innovative, one-of-a-kind experience for new and experienced mediation trainers and instructors. This online, on-demand course will teach you how to develop, promote and present mediation training seminars. The workshop is also ideal for mediators who want to learn how to use speaking engagements as a marketing tool to build or expand their mediation practice via referrals. 

Advanced Mediation Training

Advanced Mediation

This series of courses will be offered online beginning Summer 2024.
This ALL-NEW series of advanced mediation training courses is for BOTH General/Civil mediators and Domestic Relations mediators. These CLE-approved (Alabama) sessionswill help you bring your mediation practice to the next level . 

Topics in this series will include:

  • Advanced Impasse Breaking Techniques

  • Using Technology in Mediation

  • Psychology of Settlement – Understanding Human Behavior in Negotiation

  • Best Practices for a Successful Mediation Practice

  • Pre-Mediation Success Strategies

  • Avoiding Mediator Mistakes, Ethical Complaints and Malpractice Lawsuits

  • Mediation Ethics

  • Much, much more!

Developing a Profitable Mediation Practice
This course will be offered online beginning Summer 2024.

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to start, grow and sustain a profitable mediation practice. Mediation is a growing field but breaking in - and staying in! - can be difficult without the right tools and strategies. This course will enable you to develop your customized plan for success! Whether you are just starting your mediation practice or want to grow your existing practice, this seminar is for you.

CPA and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
New Life Divorce Solutions

Huntsville, AL

I really enjoy the casual interactive environment. The way he communicates creates a very relaxed atmosphere. Because he doesn't lecture, there is always discussion and when questions get asked, he asks if others have an answer creating further discussion. However, he knows the regulations and the rules and code of ethics and shows you where to find answers. It is fun and I have built relationships with people I have met in seminars that have benefited me personally and professionally.

Retired Alabama Department of Education Assistant State Superintendent
Montgomery, AL

I have participated in several seminars provided by Troy Smith and each course has been very engaging and informative. Troy facilitates each session in a very positive, professional, and organized manner. The knowledge I have obtained as a result of attending the training has given me a great deal of confidence and understanding of the presented material. The written materials provided to participants serve as a superior comprehensive resource well after the training is over.

Coordinator, Volunteer Mediation Program
Madison County Courthouse
Huntsville, AL

Mediation is a field that has adapted itself to many changes. Troy Smith's top priority as a trainer has been to understand and present these changes almost as soon as they happen. His classes are informative and fun, and they continue to teach and please students year after year. He is an excellent teacher.

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